I am a Software Engineer at Cerebras Systems.

My interests span a wide range of complex computational systems such as compilers, runtimes, and deep neural networks. I am especially interested in understanding performance characteristics and failure modes of these systems. My past work includes research into self-supervised representation learning, automated compiler-level software analysis, hardware security research, and memory-corruption attacks.

Projects and Publications

The full list of publications is here. I have occasionally acted as an external reviewer to several conferences and journals (including IEEE S&P, IEEE TDSC, NDSS, and ACM CCS), and also given several invited talks. Some recent project examples:


since '22building MLIR-based compilers for the world's largest AI chip at Cerebras Systems
'19 to '22Postdoctoral Researcher at the Secure Systems and Software Laboratory of Professor Michael Franz
'14 to '19PhD student at the Intel Collaborative Research Institute and the System Security Lab of Professor Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi
'13 to '14developed trade-workflow and performance-analysis tools at 360T for their OTC/FX-trading platform
'09 to '13studied Mathematics at Gutenberg Universit├Ąt and Computer Science (B.Sc.) at HSRM